Feminist Valentines All Around (Free Printables)

It’s that time again! That time of year when our conversations turn to debates about the legitimacy of Valentine’s Day. Is it worth celebrating? Is it just a faux holiday created by greeting card companies? Do we really need an excuse to eat an entire chocolate cake?

My responses are “meh,” “meh,” and “JUST LIVE YOUR LIFE PEOPLE.” And to that end I present to you my favourite way to celebrate Valentine’s. I want everyone to love one another in the best, fun, consensual ways possible! So, here for your printing pleasure are Feminist Valentines, just for you from yours truly.


I hope you enjoy sharing these as much as I enjoyed making them. Spread the love and spread the feminism loudly, lovingly, and with abandon.

Click here to download the complete set of feminist-valentines as a PDF.

Happy feminist Valentine’s Day!

(FREE PDF printable feminist-valentines)


Valentine Prank

This past weekend I was treated to a delightful visit with some out-of-town friends. Since Valentine’s Day happened to be on Saturday, I decided to gift them each a small baggie of goodies. I filled up an adorable little bag with candies and chocolates wrapped in coloured foil.

valentine prank

See that chocolate in the bottom right corner? The one in the red foil?

Well, it’s a beef bouillon cube.

Gross, eh?

So, what do you think? Hilarious prank or just plain cruel?