I Skipped New Years Eve and Resolutions are Rubbish*

*(Because Time is a Construct and I’m Resistant to Socially Imposed Expectations of Superficial Change)


 Happy 2017, friends! I hope your holidays were as filled with fun and rest and delicious food as mine were. I did everything I could this year to be mindful and intentional with my precious holidays. This included taking a few weeks from blogging (did ya miss me?), hand-making or baking all my gifts, being thoughtful with my decor, taking time to unplug, and most importantly, saying “NO” to anything I wasn’t feeling compelled to participate in – namely, New Years Eve and all the expectations that go hand-in-hand with the celebration.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve attended my share of super fun NYE parties in the past, both big and small. But this year was different. I was out of town and thus relieved of the perceived obligations to ring in the New Year with all the typical accouterments. With no pressure to participate, I simply skipped it altogether.

No party dress. 

No sparklers. 

No champagne (no hangover).

No count down. 

No midnight smooching.

And DEFINITELY no resolution. 

Instead, I just had a really great, regular day. I woke up early at 6:45am, walked Rigby in the snow, watched some movies, worked on a puzzle, ate a bunch of treats, imbibed in my favourite Baco Noir, and was snoring by 11pm. In fact, I would have slept through the new year completely except for the fireworks that woke me up at midnight. It was absolutely perfect.

So, why’d I refuse to make a resolution this year?
Mostly because they’re kind of bullshit.

Hear me out. I’m not a cynic and I really do like fresh starts and new possibility. What I don’t like is the inescapable consumer-driven decision making that happens in December.

December 1 it’s all “INDULGE! INDULGE! INDULGE!” Buy all the things, drink all the wine, eat as much as your belly will hold. It’s all good because it’s the holidays.

But by December 26 we’re shamed for every holiday indulgence in which we deigned to participate. Instead we’re told to “Drop the weight!” and “De-Clutter” and impose a complete metamorphosis on ourselves and our soul. Of course, even if these might be worthwhile goals, do we really need the help of that gym membership, that diet club, that fancy day planner, those special pens and organization stickers, and all the how-to books?

I also don’t think that I’m perfect – but it’s my imperfection that makes me human and I’m sick of these superficial evaluations of our self worth. So, while I strive to better myself with new habits and goals, I will also embrace my imperfections. I will grow as a person because and when I want to – not because the ticking clock is telling me that I must. Come February and March and April and the rest of the year, I’ll still be making choices (both bad and good) to carry me through 2017, regardless of what decisions I swore to at midnight on the 31st.

The time for change is both now and whenever I feel like it.