Random Acts of Feminism


The other day I was at a local thrift store searching for some vintage kitchen treasures when I strolled past the toy section. I stopped. dead. in. my. tracks. WHAT THE EFF IS THIS? Oh, I’ll tell you what it is. It’s a list of “the best toys for boys” and “the best toys for girls” separating into two toy sections.


Well, I OBVIOUSLY could not allow this to stand. I mean, I can still barely wrap my brain around how it was even happening. Did I open a door to the past?

Take a look at that image. The “girl’s toys” are Barbies, dresses, and jewellery. On the sign for boys, there are pictures of video games, building toys, a tent, and superheroes. What the actual hell?

So, I went into the “boy” section, grabbed a big car and placed it directly under the girls only sign.

Then, I went into the “girl” section, found the biggest, pinkest toy I could, which happened to be a sweet My Little Pony, and positioned it to peek around the boy toy sign.


Oh, hello My Little Pony! I hope a nice young boy finds joy in your sweet face and pretty blue hair!

Come on people. Toys don’t have genders. Any child can find joy in playing with any type of toy. It’s 2016 and we still need to waste energy on this BS? I’m so over sexism. I can’t even.