That Time I Fell in Love (with Annapolis Royal)

I’m so lucky to have friends who live in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. I love going to visit them and getting to explore the area. If you haven’t been, it’s GORGEOUS.



This visit allowed for a Saturday trip to Annapolis Royal to check out their bustling farmer’s market and take in a few other local sites.

Maybe it’s because it was a sunny, bright day. Maybe it’s because of the happy faces that filled the downtown. Or, maybe it’s because of the beautiful ocean views. I just have to say, that town is BEYOND charming.


On a stroll down George street, we encountered a friendly tour guide who welcomed visitors in for a free tour of Sinclair Inn Museum, one of the oldest wooden structures in Canada.


I’m a sucker for local history and I get especially weak in the knees for historic interiors. I’m particularly fond of tin ceilings. They’re always so intricate and interesting. Way better than the stucco in the house I grew up with.

Tin Ceilings


Annapolis Royal has a lovely short waterfront trail that features a few beautiful exhibits of public art.


“Maudified” House! As an homage to Maud Lewis. How great is that?

When we needed to cool off from the heat, a stop at Sissiboo Coffee Roasters was just the ticket. I swapped my normal order of iced coffee for a cold Italian soda made with fresh lemon and local strawberry syrup. SO delicious.  (Also, the decor was a dream…and, you guessed it, TIN CEILING!)


Possibly the most interesting new information I came away from the trip with, was a lesson about Rose Fortune. She is an important figure in Canadian history amongst Black Nova Scotians and women! She was a business owner and something of a first female police officer in Canada. Very cool.


What local travelling are you doing this summer?


In Search of the Oak Island Treasure

Somehow, SOMEHOW, after living in Nova Scotia for four years, I only recently learned about the secret treasure of Oak Island. And wow. Let me tell you. Once I started doing some searches on the backstory, my interest was totally piqued.

Oak Island title

If you haven’t heard the story, it’s a pretty exciting one, filled with all sorts of mysteries, unanswered questions, conspiracy theories, some good ol’ fashioned pirate tales, and of course, the promise of a buried treasure. You can read some pieces of the story here, here, or here. There’s also a show on the History channel that chronicles the ongoing search for the treasure.

This weekend I decided to put on my explorer pants and take a tour of the island. I wanted to see these magical sites with my own eyes.

OI5OI2It was interesting to learn more of the details and see the sites to get some real context for the exploration and excavation that was happening.

OI3 OI4The tour was packed and I loved shamelessly eavesdropping on some of the groups of participants who mummered their own insights and theories about the information presented to us. OI6I’m a sucker for conspiracies so I was especially intrigued by the Masonic imagery found on the island.

Oi7Unfortunately, Oak Island has seen it’s share of tragedy as well. The excavations are dangerous and a number of lives have been lost in the efforts to discover the island’s secrets.

OI8At the end of the tour, one of the treasure hunters was giving autographs and taking pictures. I wasn’t 100% sure who he was so I just took this creepy stalker photo of him signing a fan’s poster.

OI9Overall, it was a beautiful day to explore the island with the sun shining and everyone excited to learn about the mysteries and exploration attempts that weave through Oak Island’s past. If you like this type of legend and are okay knowing that you’ll be leaving the island with more questions than answers, then I suggest you take a visit. Maybe you’ll be the one to figure out what exactly is buried and who put it there.


Take a Hike: Duncan’s Cove, Nova Scotia

Another sunny weekend, another opportunity for a hiking adventure!

If you’re as enchanted by coastal Nova Scotia as I am, then you definitely want to check out Duncan’s Cove. The terrain is rocky and uneven, the wind whips over the ocean and the waves echo against the rocks, and the whole experience feels salty and authentic.

Without a doubt, Duncan’s Cove is the quintessential coastal Nova Scotian hike.    photo 3 The entrance is hidden slightly but just hop this barrier to get access to the main trail.

photo 2The trail starts out fairly high above sea level. You can see the ocean in the distance as a promise of views to come.

photoI would classify this as a moderate to advanced hike due to the rocky, naturally uneven terrain. The first 30-60 minutes in are only moderately challenging but the trail increases in difficulty as you move along the shore. The benefit is that, if you’re feeling that the difficulty is beyond your capacity, you can decide whether or not to proceed knowing that the ups and downs only get steeper.

That being said, it’s an easy hike for pushing yourself because each peak presents a vista more beautiful than the one before it.

photo 5There are some INTENSE drop off points.

photo 1So many beautiful wildflowers appear in juxtaposition with the severe drops and sharp, angled rocks. I think these might be wild irises. photo 4I went on a hot day and made the mistake of leaving my water bottle behind. Don’t live like me! Remember to take into consideration the glare off the water, use sunscreen, and know that there’s no cell service in case of emergency so hike with care.

Happy hiking!