Shoot Arrows, Hit Bullseyes at Highland Bow and Arrow

What do Susan Pevensie from Chronicles of Narnia, Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games, and Ygritte from Game of Thrones all have in common? They’re all fierce females who can rock a bow and arrow.

I discovered recently that — with a bit of instruction and practice — I can kick ass and hit bullseyes too.


Last weekend, as part of Creative Soul Weekend, I got to unleash my inner archer at Highland Bow and Arrow near Wreck Cove along the Cabot Trail on the beautiful Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

I had a bit of experience shooting from my youth, but it had been many, many years since I’d picked up a bow.


Since I was a little rusty, I benefitted from some expert instruction from the raddest owner/operator, Jay. Seriously, after overshooting the target on my own, it just took some minor correction from Jay and I hit the bullseye on the next shot. She lines the targets with balloons for some extra satisfaction as well!


As an added bonus, Jay encourages moving around to play with different targets. Can I just point out how awesome some of these are? Um yes that is a scary zombie man and YES THAT IS A DINOSAUR.


If you’re looking to empower your inner baddass bow-person, then I highly recommend making the trek out to Highland Bow & Arrow.


Jay’s got something for everyone, including lessons for your little ones (or yourself), or just some straight up shooting practice.

What are you waiting for? Do it. #ShootArrows!

Check out more at or see if you can spot me and the Creative Soul gang on insta!




That Time I Fell in Love (with Annapolis Royal)

I’m so lucky to have friends who live in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. I love going to visit them and getting to explore the area. If you haven’t been, it’s GORGEOUS.



This visit allowed for a Saturday trip to Annapolis Royal to check out their bustling farmer’s market and take in a few other local sites.

Maybe it’s because it was a sunny, bright day. Maybe it’s because of the happy faces that filled the downtown. Or, maybe it’s because of the beautiful ocean views. I just have to say, that town is BEYOND charming.


On a stroll down George street, we encountered a friendly tour guide who welcomed visitors in for a free tour of Sinclair Inn Museum, one of the oldest wooden structures in Canada.


I’m a sucker for local history and I get especially weak in the knees for historic interiors. I’m particularly fond of tin ceilings. They’re always so intricate and interesting. Way better than the stucco in the house I grew up with.

Tin Ceilings


Annapolis Royal has a lovely short waterfront trail that features a few beautiful exhibits of public art.


“Maudified” House! As an homage to Maud Lewis. How great is that?

When we needed to cool off from the heat, a stop at Sissiboo Coffee Roasters was just the ticket. I swapped my normal order of iced coffee for a cold Italian soda made with fresh lemon and local strawberry syrup. SO delicious.  (Also, the decor was a dream…and, you guessed it, TIN CEILING!)


Possibly the most interesting new information I came away from the trip with, was a lesson about Rose Fortune. She is an important figure in Canadian history amongst Black Nova Scotians and women! She was a business owner and something of a first female police officer in Canada. Very cool.


What local travelling are you doing this summer?


Friday Favourites

I’ve been lucky to discover all sort of amazing places locally in the HRM lately. I thought I would share some of my new favourites!

Waffle Love
Waffle Love


Waffle Love opened up recently in my neighbourhood. It’s pretty busy around brunch time most weekends but I was finally able to snag an outdoor seat last week (probably because we were there first thing in the morning). The food was delicious and the service was incredible. They even brought some water out for Rigby, who was allowed to lay down in the shade next to the tables while we ate.


Halifax has some great options for good meat. For the past few years I got most of mine from TapRoot Farm‘s CSA. When Highland Drive opened up in the Hydrostone, that was a great option too. I have to say though, my new favourite is the Bedford Basin Farmer’s Market. Paulo the butcher just a gem! He’ll take the time to walk you through how to best prepare and serve his fresh, local options. Plus, it’s always a bonus for me to watch my visiting father attempt to converse en Italiano.

Mahone Bay
Sunny Skies in Mahone Bay

Day Trip

Nova Scotia is just the BEST when it comes to day trip options. You can get almost anywhere fun within a few hours: the Valley, the North Shore, the South Shore…it’s all good! On a recent sunny day, I ventured only an hour west of HFX to Mahone Bay. It’s an adorable seaside town and just bustles with visitors to the local bakeries, antique stores, or just to see the quaint architecture or watch the sail boats. The Lighthouse Route drive is at treat in and of itself. Stop at Bayswater Beach and dip your toes in the ocean on your way!

Mahone Bay Picnic
Picnic in Mahone Bay

How about you? Any new favourites to share?