Grey Skies are Gonna Clear Up

It’s been a rough week, folks. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been consuming every media source you can on the recent tragedies in Montreal and Ottawa. From the panic to the terror, the confusion, and the sorrow, those involved have been through the worst and I send my sincerest hopes that they’ll find peace soon.

In Halifax yesterday, some of the city experienced a tiny bit of panic themselves, which was thankfully resolved quickly and without major incident – as far as I know.

And you know the universe loves to play with pathetic fallacy. So here we sit under another cloudy, grey sky after so many wet, rainy days.

rigby burrito

May you all hold your loved ones close this weekend. Give your friends and family hugs and your pets some extra snuggles – because they love you too.


Happy Dogs All Around

This past Saturday I attended the ElderDog Annual Jubilee and Butterfly Release. I’ve gone for the past three years and it’s always such a great event. In addition to live music, a barbecue, raffles, and so many happy dogs, attendees have the opportunity to release a butterfly in memory of a loved pet. The proceeds go towards the Place to Paws “— a small, chapel-like building where people (and dogs) can honour the animal-human relationship and pay tribute to canine companions who have passed on. Place to Paws will house a gallery for commemorative photographs, a memory wall, a contemplative space for quiet repose, and a meeting area and will host pet loss support groups and annual memorial services.”  (from

It’s such a beautiful organization and the event was filled with so much love. I find it so sweet to see the connections that people and their furry companions have with one another. It’s nice to recognize how important that connection can be.




My favourite part is the number of happy dogs of all ages waddling around and accepting affection from anyone and everyone they pass. I was constantly finding new pals who were free to explore the area of the event. One of the best was a big fluffy guy with a sign around his neck that read “Watch out for me! I steal food!” So funny.

If you’re an animal lover, I recommend checking out ElderDog for a “Pawd” to support in your area.


Here’s a story the Chronicle Herald did on the event.



Puppy Problems

I’m not big into gardening. While I do love to admire the work that others have put into cultivating beautiful beds of flowers, and I will never turn down a home-grown vegetable, when it comes to the actual labour of it all, it’s not really my jam. Personally, I prefer to spend my outdoor time oot and aboot with my pup, Rigby.

While we’re out, I’m careful to stop him from peeing on the lawns of neighbours and I try my best to direct him to the tree trunks that line the streets instead. Still, people seem to be quite sensitive to the dogs that come upon their precious gardens (And I don’t mean to sound facetious, I know they are quite precious to serious gardeners).

Rigby in PEI
Rigby in PEI


So, I’m wondering, is it really that big of a deal? When I did some Googling to find out, I was met with so many posts of people complaining about their dead plants, as well as a bunch of tips and tricks for keeping dogs away. It took me a bit of deeper digging, however, to actually get to the science behind the problem with puppy pee. Apparently it’s a deadly mix of ammonium, salts, and other chemicals contained in the pee that makes it toxic to plants.

But where do we go from here?

This article suggests training your dog to pee only on the curb and this article suggests carrying around water to dilute the puddle post-pee.

Frankly,  I’m not going to do either of those things…and I don’t think that makes me a bad person. I’d say, at best, I’ll continue to steer Rigby away from privately-owned gardens but beyond that, I can’t say.

Any other dog owners care to weigh in?




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