A Year of Love Letters

I love a creative challenge. Although I try to make plenty of time to indulge in creativity on the reg, having a structured regimen really helps me to adhere to a project until it’s completed.

A few years ago I participated in the 100 Day Project for the FIRST time and attempted to write 100 poems. I came SO CLOSE but that pesky international move was a real interruption. You can check out the poems on Instagram under the hashtag #100HalitraxPoems.

Some were sweet.

here in my ocean_halitrax

And some were silly.

coffee love


Last year I took another run at the 100 days by writing 100 Beautiful Affirmations — and this time I FINISHED! YAY

I am a force for change

In 2019 I’m pursuing a year of small indulgences, including more time for the creativity that fills me up. Instead of waiting for the 100 day challenge, I’m starting now with a whole year of love letters — at least a few every month.

I’ll share some directly here on the blog and others will take the form of my other fave hobby: writing snail mail!

I hope you enjoy following this year of love letters.


A Love Letter to the Creative Souls

Dear Creative Souls,

Thank you for hosting and organizing and contributing to an amazing event. Being able to travel to Port Hood Cape Breton last month to attend my first Creative Soul Weekend was a definite highlight for me.

I loved being greeted with hugs, wine, food, flowers and even a delightful welcome gift – personalized just for me!


You couldn’t have chosen a more perfect location. The sea breeze and hot sun complemented both the outdoor and indoor activities, and brought a lovely sense of closure to the end of the summer.


The views and vistas inspired conversation and creation. I loved being silly by the seashore.


Accommodating our different personalities and talents fostered an environment in which we were free to stray from the instructions. You know I hate being told what to do – even if that means accidentally painting something that looks like a big…you know…


We got to play scientist and play artist and play fashion designer. And then we learned that we actually are all those things. (Some of us more than others. Okay, okay. Everyone more than me. lol)



Contributing to a group endeavour – even one as inconsequential as a drawing – opened a window into the minds of other creatives. Solo projects are fun but magic happens when many minds come together to create.


Sometimes it’s easy to forget what is sparked when we experience something different and new. I appreciated the reminder and the gift of the art that lasted beyond the weekend.


You are the artists, the story tellers, the music makers, the pun slingers, the photo takers, and the joy bringers.


I can’t wait to see what we create together next year.

(Creative Soul Weekend is the brainchild of Leah Noble and Emily Rankin. If you ever have the opportunity to attend such an inspiring and wonderful event, I can’t encourage you more.)