I Thought it was a Regular Cat Show. What Happened Next was UNBELIEVABLE! #catscatscats

I witnessed something unbelievable this weekend. Something that I never could have imagined, even in my wildest dreams. I attended a Halloween Cat Show at the Halifax Forum. And it was magnificent.

At first, I thought it was just a “regular” cat show – whatever that means – with judging and various categories.

cat halloween4

Cats waited patiently in their cages for their turns to be judged.

cat hallowen2cat halloween

Some cats even had their pads decked out, Halloween-style.

cat halloween3

I wandered the aisles, pet some of the kitties, and watched some of the judging. It was fun, and funny, and cute. After a while, I realized that they were starting the judging of a new category. An exciting category. A category that would change my life forever: THE CAT COSTUME CATEGORY.

cat halloween6

It was unbelievable. Some people even coordinated with their kitties.

cat halloween5

This chicken reminded me that life’s worth living.

cat halloween7

And this saucy devil just wanted us all to have a happy Halloween.cat halloween8Meeeeee-owww.


A Quick Cure for the Winter Blues

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know how much I LOVE winter. I love the snow. I love to ski, skate, and slide, and I don’t even mind shovelling! Still, there are enough slushy days, enough days that are just too cold to enjoy, and frequent enough accidental spills I’ve taken on the sidewalk to induce a touch of the “winter blues.” *

For me, the best way to keep from lamenting is to do a little volunteer work. Forgive the cliché, but giving back is a great way to not only distract yourself, but being helpful and productive just feels…good. I’ve found that one of the best ways to warm myself—from my heart outward—is to spend some time with some critters who love a little friendly attention. A Saturday morning spent at the Homeward Bound City Pound is a Saturday morning well spent.

This past weekend’s visit was bittersweet with only one friendly feline in need of some attention. (Fewer cats for me to cuddle also means fewer in need of a home.) Meet Chester!



Not to fret though, I also had the pleasure of walking one of the sweetest gals around. Meet Flurry:

Flurry3 Flurry2 Flurry1

This adorable pup was so friendly and affectionate. She did pull quite a bit with excitement, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for her age and certainly would be something easily corrected with some attention and training.

Oh and she just died for belly rubs. Anyone with some extra love to give would do well with this sweet gal. If you’re looking to adopt or perhaps do some volunteering yourself, I encourage you to check out Homeward Bound City Pound, the Nova Scotia SPCA, or one of the many other local animal rescue shelters. It’s a truly heartwarming experience.

*This post is not meant to refer to Seasonal Affective Disorder, a condition that can have difficult symptoms for its sufferers. If you think you might be experiencing something deeper than the “winter blues,” please seek the help of a professional.