A Clean Home is a Clear Mind with Maritime Cleaners + A Giveaway!

I’m not what you would call a minimalist. I love maximalist decor and I always have way too many projects on the go. Try as I might to keep things organized, my life always seems to pile up around me. I like to tell myself that my creativity emerges from chaos but, realistically, the cleaner my home is, the more I can focus on creative tasks.

I do try to stay on top of a semi-regular cleaning schedule. I vacuum the pet fur, scrub the bathroom, that sort of thing. Still, I definitely welcome some relief from those tedious tasks.

The time I could save if I didn’t have to clean adds up fast! It’s precious time that can be used for actually tackling all those half-started projects. When my space is clean, my head is clear. Cleaning is a distraction from what I really love and want to do.

I partnered with local Halifax cleaning company Maritime Cleaners and, in addition to having a great team take cleaning off my hands, I was also given the gift of a clear mind and a weekend free from worrying about the mop and bucket.

Maritime Cleaners Logo

Raise your hand if your first instinct when people are coming over is to CLEAN! Well, that’s me! Thankfully I was reassured that all I needed to do was a basic tidy so that Maritime Cleaners could tackle the deep cleaning.

Maria and Khaled arrived armed with all the supplies they needed and wonderful friendly attitudes that assuaged my guilt for how long I had let some of my chores go. (Yeah, I’ll show you…)

The Results

I cannot describe the sparkle that was left in my home by Maria and Kahled. Not only did they successfully tackle the really grimy stuff, but they were so thorough.

One of the downsides of having 2 cats and a dog is that fur is EVERYWHERE. Somehow it even ends up on ledges behind rarely-opened curtains. Tucked behind my bed this spot is, truthfully, very easy to overlook. Well, Maritime Cleaners found and de-furrified those pesky fur traps.

Window Before


Window After


If you still need some convincing, here’s where I really bare my sins. Okay. Please don’t judge me.


Cross your heart and hope to cry?

Okay, here’s what my tub was in all its scummy glory. (Sorry, Mom.)

Bathtub Before


Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m a monster.

Enter Maritime Cleaners.

Bathtub After


SPARKLING CLEAN. Jones will not get out of it. He’s a picky fella and, apparently, is revelling in the new cleanliness of the bathroom.

Seriously. It’s his new favourite hangout.


Not only did they conquer all the worst cleaning chores, but Maria and Kahled also did a very thorough sweep and mop on the floors before they wrapped up.

Talk about commitment to a job well done!

There is something so serene about putting your feet up at the end of a long week and knowing that your weekend chores are already taken care off. Total clear mind.


Think you could benefit from a clean home and a clear mind? Do it. Maritime Cleaners has generously offered a great deal for Halitrax readers. Just follow this link and use the discount code HALITRAX to get 15% off a clean!

Readers can also ENTER HERE to win a FREE standard clean and a luxury box from Made By Collection. The contest for a Maritime Cleaners clean runs until March 27th, 2017 and includes multiple chances to win. I’m crossing my fingers for you!



A Period Piece

So, what does it REALLY feel like?

I love the momentum I see gaining in the movement to normalize periods. Of course they shouldn’t be taboo or mysterious – they’re a shared experience we all have as women! The one point that I, personally, would like to make is that, while they’re a regular occurrence for every gal, they are still a pretty big deal. I mean, not just in the sense that they’re an element of a working reproductive system which allows a female to actually grow a human being inside her body…but also in the sense that they can be heavy, and painful, and long!

After nearly two decades of experiencing completely terrible periods, I’m still finding myself trying to explain to the men in my life what cramps feel like, why I have moments of cold sweats, why spots just appeared in my vision, and why I spend entire nights trying various yoga poses to try to stretch through the pain.

Did you know that an average woman has 450 (!!!) periods in her lifetime?

That’s a lot of periods. That’s a LOT of pain.

Knowing how many more cycles I’ve got ahead of me, and wanting to stay informed, I jumped at the opportunity to do a post about a new line of menstrual products, Asana. (And CanCon bonus: Asana products were engineered by a female chemical and environmental engineer out of University of British Columbia!

As a gal with an atypically heavy flow, I often need a little extra protection guarantee. Especially on the first few nights of my cycle, having a good pad or liner helps me sleep soundly without worrying about inevitable leakage ruining my pyjamas or sheets.

Asana Biowave Advantage™ is antibacterial (designated by Health Canada Class 1) and helps assuage my leaky fears and also gains some great bonus points:

  • while being one of the thinnest on the market, Asana still offers the most absorbency, fastest rate of absorbency and best assurance of leak protection
  • Asana’s products use the technology of tourmaline and silver, which act to reduce menstrual discomfort, dispel odour, increase air circulation, balance the body’s pH and enhance metabolism

These factors go a long way with me when it comes to taking the edge off the period misery.

our blood2

I also love hearing about how others deal with their cycles and how they share their experiences with others. Click here to read my post on the Our Bodies Our Blood show that took place in Halifax.

So while I’m dragging my partner to period-inspired art shows and working away at explaining to my guy pals what it REALLY feels like, at least I can take comfort in the fact that there are so many women who’ve got my back on this one. Shared experiences FTW.



Totes Floats

I’m a water girl. For me, there’s nothing more relaxing than going for a dip in a lake on a hot day. I love just stretching out in the water, letting my stress drift away – it’s just divine.

When The Floatation Centre opened up here in town, I have to admit, it piqued my curiosity. I wondered if it was possible to take my much-beloved outdoor floating and actually increase the relaxation factor.

I perused the website and found the claims regarding the benefits of this type of floating to be very intriguing. I’m always open to new ways of relaxing – especially since my ticklishness keeps me from ever *truly* enjoying a massage – so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

As soon as I entered the Centre, I just fell in love with the ambience. It’s fresh and bright but with the soothing aesthetic of all things nautical. (I’m a total sucker for nautical decor.)
The Floatation Centre Nautical Decor

The float experience itself was super spa-like. The shower and tank are basked in a soothing purple aura. I have to admit, I had some trepidation about getting into the tank. I had made the (unintended) mistake of hearing Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe story, Float Tank, only a few months earlier. Heed my warning: listen to the podcast AFTER you have completed your float. Just kidding. This ain’t no make-shift tub at the back of a record store.

Once it was demonstrated that the float chamber’s door doesn’t lock, and I could even prop it open if needed, I was totally able to chill and relax.

The Floatation Centre Breathe

The water inside the chamber is warm and welcoming. You can still see the purple glow the first few minutes as you acclimate to the chamber. Once I was able to lie back and close my eyes, it was just surreal! I overheard one women describing it as “floating in outer space” and I think that’s an apt description.

Once enveloped in total darkness and quiet, I felt slightly disoriented. I let myself bump my fingers from side to side in the chamber to get my bearings again. And then…I just floated.

Apparently some people are able to fall asleep during their floats. I didn’t this time but wouldn’t mind if it happened during a future float.

After the 75 minute soak has ended, you’re gently lured back to reality with music. I emerged feeling dreamy and calm.

The Floatation Centre Pyrex.JPG

There’s a sweet little area for tea and journalling following a float. I didn’t have time to stick around but give mad props to the vintage Pyrex mugs.

If you’re debating trying a float for yourself, I definitely recommend giving it a try. It was a very calming experience and I’ll definitely be back again soon.