My first and longest-lasting addiction was, and continues to be, books. I can’t get enough of them. Just take all those YA novels and comedy memoirs and hand them over, thank you very much.

Sure, you could go to a library. Libraries are awesome. I love libraries. (I miss this particular library immensely.) And, yah, maybe there’s a library just down the street from you…but maybe one time when you walked past the library a man dropped trou in front of you to pee on the side of said library so maybe you’re not super keen to head back there for all your book-reading needs.Read More »

How to Ditch the Phone & Write Some Snail Mail

Today’s post is written by the incredibly talented illustrator and designer Tara Joy Andrews. Tara is the creator of the BlogJam Atlantic logo, as well as numerous other whimsical and wonderful designs. Read on to hear her thoughts on the return of hand written letters and to enter a very special giveaway!


I fell in love with mail in elementary school when I was about seven years old. Our class did a letter-writing project and all of my classmates were randomly given each other’s addresses. We were given some writing prompts to write a letter and the teacher gathered the letters in their sealed and addressed envelopes, put stamps on them and mailed them for us. I lived outside of town so was disappointed that my letter took an extra day to arrive but I remember the feeling of getting something in the mailbox addressed to me from someone that a stranger had taken the time to deliver right to my house. At such a young age it seemed like magic.Read More »

To BMore in Baltimore

In a couple of months I will be saying that I’ve lived in Baltimore for a whole year. Holy cow. How did that even happen?

How long can you live someplace and still get away with being the new kid on the block?

Even though I’ve been here for a while, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what it’s like to live here and experience the city. In all honesty, I haven’t exactly fallen in love with the place either…yet?

I suppose it doesn’t help that other life circumstances are less than ideal at the moment, but I’m resolving that personal stuff and family stuff that’s beyond my control will not have bearing on my ultimate opinion of the time I spend stateside.

Our goal isn’t to plant roots here or even to stay long term, but I would like to be able to say that I had a great time while we did live here…Read More »