Fierce Females to Watch at the 2018 Winter Games

It’s Olympics time and I fully expected to be conflicted about cheering for my beloved Team Canada whilst living in my new home here in the ol’ USA. However, I’ve decided that the best I can do — particularly during Feminist February — is to focus on all the incredible, fierce, female athletes that will be competing this year.

Yesterday I attended an event that showcased an Insider’s Look at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Games, featuring the Team USA athletes sponsored by Comcast NBCUniversal and, folks, it really amped me up for what’s going to be some thrilling events this winter.

There’s going to be some intense competition this year. 

In general my favourite winter olympics events to watch are hockey (obvi, eh?) and figure skating. I feel so fortunate that the incredible Michael Weiss provided some insights on who to watch this year — and who better to talk figure skating than a former olympic figure skater himself?!

Michael Weiss Comcast Olympics.png

Among some of the male skaters, Michael mentioned Bradie Tennell as one competitor to definitely watch out for.

USA: Bradie Tennell, Figure Skating

And from the Great White North, I just can’t wait to watch Canadian pair Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, try for another gold medal this year!

Tessa Virtue.PNG
Canada: Tessa Virtue, Ice Dancing

The USA Women’s Bobsled Team are fully badass and worth cheering for. Elana Meyers-Taylor, Lauren Gibbs, Aja Evans, and Jamie Greubel Poser are amazing athletes who are total fierce female competetors.

Plus, their energy is total infectious. Check out their Olympian-approved methods for staying warm during the games:


You’ve basically got to give props to every fierce female who can do a flip in the air while attached to a pair of skis or board. This includes waving a flag for Jamie Anderson from the USA and Spencer O’Brien for Team Canada.

USA: Jamie Anderson, Snowboarding

And ESPECIALLY watch out for this lady. She’ll likely mess up Jamie Anderson’s perfect snowboard trick all for the sake of a funny picture.

TapSnap Comcast Olympics
Me, getting in Jamie Anderson’s way. As per usual.


Canada: Spencer O’Brien, Snowboarding

Of course, I’ll be cheering my loudest for Team Canada Hockey (#sorrynotsorry) and their full roster of fierce and fab female players this year.

Team Canada 2018 Women’s Hockey


So, who are you cheering for for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games?


Freelance Office Party (As Planned by the Office Manager Cat)

As the senior ranking pet member of the household, I took it upon myself (Jones, the Office Manager Cat) to organize this year’s holiday festivities for my fellow feline, Leroy, the slobbery mongrel, Rigby, and our female human.


We had a photo booth.


I served an array of delicacies…as well as some sort of treats  for the human.


There were party tricks!


And then we chilled in the break room until the human yelled “last call on tuna snacks!”


Leroy loves treats more than I love sleeps (and that’s a lot).

It was an adequate celebration of the Holidays for our work-at-home unit. And now I shall return to my tower on high to oversee the female human’s continued work in the New Year.


Interested in how other freelancers celebrated? Check out my blogging friends and their solo Christmas party posts here!



Self Love Reminder Mantras for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

I hope you all had time to print and deliver some Feminist Valentine’s to your loved ones.

For past Valentine posts I’ve written about the importance of self-love and I continue to feel strongly about our abilities to love others being most powerful when we first know and love ourselves.

Today I thought I’d share some reminders to help with a little self-care. On a day when our social media platforms are filled with pictures of chocolates and flowers and silly declarations of superficial love, let’s focus on caring for our own hearts for a while too.


You are Loved

I promise that you are. Your friends and family all know that you’re a gem. Not to mention, if you’re reading my blog, then I for sure love you.

You are Allowed to Take Up Space

In our culture where we’re constantly told to be smaller, thinner, quieter, nicer, this might be my favourite mantra to repeat to myself. Whether you’re surrounded by bigger voices or faster speakers, or anyone really, just remember that your body and your brain are also valid and important.

When it comes to physical space I often practice this idea in line ups. If the person behind me is standing just a little too close, or leaning a little much, (and it’s almost always men), I turn around slightly. When you face someone it’s a reminder that you’re human. I plant my feet and put my hands on my hips, turning enough to create more space. It might sound silly but it works!

Your Ideas are Interesting

As an introvert I often have many more ideas flying around in my head than I actually ever articulate or express and, obvi, not ALL ideas are good ones. It still bears repeating as a reminder that you have valuable thoughts that are worth contributing.

You Have a Beautiful Heart

Now, this one I know is definitely true and definitely important to remind yourself of. You are allowed to feel good about being you. You can contribute to the world in wonderful ways. You belong.


Now, go eat some chocolate my Valentines!