If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll have noticed that my feed is a bit different lately. That’s because I’m participating in The 100 Day Project!

Never heard of it? Well neither had I, that is, until my creative bestie, Leah, posted up her plan to participate with 100 days of Colour Palettes! Pretty cool, eh?

100 day project

The project was created by artist Elle Luna. It’s a free global art project in which anyone can participate. Personally, I was feeling the need to do more creative writing so I decided to jump in head first with 100 days of poems. Yikes.

Crocus Poem

So, if you’re a fan of this type of community art creating, I encourage you to follow along. My personal hashtag is #100Halitraxpoems and I’m really enjoying the challenge so far. (And what a challenge it is!)

The best part is just taking a minute to write. I’ve set very few rules for myself in this challenge. Do the poems have to be good? No way! They just have to be poems. I’m hoping my writing will improve along the way. I mean, after 100 days of practice it better!


Wish me luck to make it until July 12!

What kinds of creative endeavours are you pursuing lately?

~Krista @halitrax

Monthly Moodboard: April

April is about letting the creativity flow. I’m starting the 100 Day Project on April 4th and will be attempting to indulge in a creative interest of mine for 100 days straight. (I’ll be blogging more about that later. In the meantime, you can follow along on instagram @Halitrax & #the100dayproject).

Here’s to imagination, creative immersion, and new projects!


Monthly Moodboard: April

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Gift (Free Printable)

I’ve written before about the fun “Secret Pal” game I play with my co-workers. Essentially it’s Secret Santa except it lasts for several months at a time.

I love having the chance to flex my creative muscles with silly little gifts every few weeks!

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up on the 17th, I thought a fun idea would be to give a simple treat with a funny twist:
Leprechaun Header

I decided to make a Leprechaun Catching Kit and “official” Letter of Mandate from the Canadian Ministry of Magic.

I typed up a silly letter and threw on the the Canada logo and Coat of Arms….because I’m apparently a ridiculous human being.

Leprechaun Letter

The “kit” is just a box of Lucky Charms. (See? I said it was simple!)

Leprechaun pic

Just wrap it all up and attach the letter for a random and creative St. Patrick’s Day gag.

Leprechaun pic2

I’m hoping that it will be funny if my Pal reads the letter first and then expects a full on leprechaun catching kit.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!


Print and sign your own leprechaun letter. Download the Leprechaun Letter here.