Freelance Office Party (As Planned by the Office Manager Cat)

As the senior ranking pet member of the household, I took it upon myself (Jones, the Office Manager Cat) to organize this year’s holiday festivities for my fellow feline, Leroy, the slobbery mongrel, Rigby, and our female human.


We had a photo booth.


I served an array of delicacies…as well as some sort of treats  for the human.


There were party tricks!


And then we chilled in the break room until the human yelled “last call on tuna snacks!”


Leroy loves treats more than I love sleeps (and that’s a lot).

It was an adequate celebration of the Holidays for our work-at-home unit. And now I shall return to my tower on high to oversee the female human’s continued work in the New Year.


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I Thought it was a Regular Cat Show. What Happened Next was UNBELIEVABLE! #catscatscats

I witnessed something unbelievable this weekend. Something that I never could have imagined, even in my wildest dreams. I attended a Halloween Cat Show at the Halifax Forum. And it was magnificent.

At first, I thought it was just a “regular” cat show – whatever that means – with judging and various categories.

cat halloween4

Cats waited patiently in their cages for their turns to be judged.

cat hallowen2cat halloween

Some cats even had their pads decked out, Halloween-style.

cat halloween3

I wandered the aisles, pet some of the kitties, and watched some of the judging. It was fun, and funny, and cute. After a while, I realized that they were starting the judging of a new category. An exciting category. A category that would change my life forever: THE CAT COSTUME CATEGORY.

cat halloween6

It was unbelievable. Some people even coordinated with their kitties.

cat halloween5

This chicken reminded me that life’s worth living.

cat halloween7

And this saucy devil just wanted us all to have a happy halloween8Meeeeee-owww.


Happy Dogs All Around

This past Saturday I attended the ElderDog Annual Jubilee and Butterfly Release. I’ve gone for the past three years and it’s always such a great event. In addition to live music, a barbecue, raffles, and so many happy dogs, attendees have the opportunity to release a butterfly in memory of a loved pet. The proceeds go towards the Place to Paws “— a small, chapel-like building where people (and dogs) can honour the animal-human relationship and pay tribute to canine companions who have passed on. Place to Paws will house a gallery for commemorative photographs, a memory wall, a contemplative space for quiet repose, and a meeting area and will host pet loss support groups and annual memorial services.”  (from

It’s such a beautiful organization and the event was filled with so much love. I find it so sweet to see the connections that people and their furry companions have with one another. It’s nice to recognize how important that connection can be.




My favourite part is the number of happy dogs of all ages waddling around and accepting affection from anyone and everyone they pass. I was constantly finding new pals who were free to explore the area of the event. One of the best was a big fluffy guy with a sign around his neck that read “Watch out for me! I steal food!” So funny.

If you’re an animal lover, I recommend checking out ElderDog for a “Pawd” to support in your area.


Here’s a story the Chronicle Herald did on the event.