About Me


Hello! I’m Krista and this is my Blog!

I’m an editor by profession, a feminist by conviction, and an environmentalist by nature. I believe that a rising tide raises all ships and that inclusion is the key to effective and lasting community building — particularly in the world of social media.

As a co-founder of BlogJam Atlantic, I’m working to establish an annual event that showcases and elevates the blogging endeavours of any and all interested participants. I also encourage any bloggers in Atlantic Canada to join the Atlantic Bloggers Community group on Facebook, which I co-administer.

My side-hustle, Your Vintage Kitchen on Etsy, combines a love of cooking, baking, and kitchenware with an appreciation of history, character, and vintage charm. It allows me to indulge in my love of vintage thrifting for unique and special pieces, which I’ll sometimes blog about here!

While my heart is still in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I’m temporarily hanging my hat in Baltimore, Maryland. Watch for posts on local travelling across Canada, the US, and -most recently – Cuba!




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