Softly Indulge Yourself with Soft Surroundings

#LiveSoft means you’re living an inspired life.

Soft Surroundings‘ mission is to make it fun and effortless to treat yourself the way you should be treated. Their mantra is that when you feel good, your friends, family, and community do too. And you know what? I couldn’t agree more.


I was fortunate to attend the grand opening of the new Soft Surroundings store at The Mall in Columbia to check out their beautiful merchandise and learn about the products that truly put women first.

As you already know, I’m always inclined to support women entrepreneurs, their products, and businesses, and knowing that President and Founder, Robin Sheldon, is a strong woman at the helm of Soft Surroundings piqued my curiosity. What truly reeled me in, however, was discovering how many women-produced wares are featured in the Soft Surroundings catalogue (both in-store and online); products like the skincare line VENeffect, which was created by a sister duo, or jewellery designed by the artisan Lenora Dame.


I was advised that all the #LiveSoft items would also pass the test of softness so, not being one to turn down a challenge, I gently felt almost every item of clothing in that store. Not only are the items enticingly soft but they also strike a lovely balance between comfort and style – my number one criteria!

BONUS (and this is a BIG one for me):

Their clothing ranges in size from xs to 3x — IN THE SAME STYLE! While some stores may offer “specialty sizes” for Petite, Plus, or Tall, they often have them in separate sections with totally different styles than that of their featured clothing. I can’t tell you how good it feels to see a nice blouse on a rack and be able to just flip through to the correct size without hunting for a similar style in a different section.



In addition to clothing, Soft Surroundings also offers a skincare and beauty section (and experts to help!), and a fun selection of linens and housewares.

Can you guess why I was especially drawn to those punch woven throw pillows? (Hint)

If you don’t have a nearby Soft Surroundings of your own, you can take advantage of their online store OR their online outlet.

Soft Surroundings invited me to preview their new location and generously gifted me a lovely goodie bag featuring some of their products. All opinions expressed are, as always, my own. 


3 thoughts on “Softly Indulge Yourself with Soft Surroundings

  1. I loved your stories from the grand opening. I am bewildered that more stores don’t have sizes for everyone. I mean how hard is it to make a place inclusive?!?

    I love their philosophy.

    Great post!

      • It’s amazing. The fact that some people have to pay nearly twice as much (often more) for good quality clothing (think work clothes) is really awful. I mean, fine, if you have money to burn and choose to splurge, that’s great, but it shouldn’t require a specialty store for a person to look professional.

        I seriously wish I were there to visit because I would definitely shop at Soft Surroundings.

        Hey! I am kind of dying to know what other fun things were in your swag bag.

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