Unhelpful Recipes: Lemon Cookies

Is it just me or does lemon add a sunny flavour to any food? This lousy Smarch weather has me craving some sunshine so I decided, if it was going to be snowy outside, at least I could pretend like it was bright inside. Isn’t lemon just a perfect, springtimey flavour?

(The answer is yes.)


Traditional Unhelpful Recipe Caveat: I’m a terrible baker. (It’s because I hate following recipes. Stop telling me what to do!)

At first I thought I could just add some lemon extract to sugar cookies. It turns out that adding additional liquid to batter greatly affects consistency.

Then, I was in the grocery store, and I spotted a mix for lemon cookies. While, I generally prefer my goodies from scratch (don’t we all), I was starting to get desperate. I mean, we had a snow day. Here in Baltimore. At the end of March. Come on!

Needless to say, they brightened my day. Just look at those beauties.

Little drops of sunshine, I tells ya.

Lemon Cookies

Other Lemon Things You Might Enjoy:

My La La Lemoncello

The messiest but most delicious Summertime Olive Oil Cake featuring a delicious lemon curd layer.

Lemon the Frenchie! (Seriously you guys. Cuteness overload.)

What are your favourite springtime flavours?


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