Signs of Spring with Fujifilm

**Disclosure: This post is sponsored byΒ FujifilmΒ who generously provided me with X-A3 camera to facilitate my search for spring. The opinions, pictures, hopes, and dreams shared in this post belong to me (and Rigby).**

It’s mid March and, while I’m very sorry to be missing the Hygge-filled snow storms in Nova Scotia this week, here in Baltimore I’m scouring the streets for signs of spring.

This weekend, armed with my Fujifilm X-A3 camera, Rigby and I tried to capture some moments that evoked that feeling that comes when the sky begins to change from gray to blue.

Like sparse patches of green grass or ivy snaking up the still-leafless trees. Just just begging to be sniffed by Rigby.

Green Vines.jpg

Or when there’s no more ice on the water preventing you from getting wet and muddy.

Rigby in the Sun.jpg

Or when the sun warms the concrete so you can dry off after an impromptu swim.

Rigby Sunning.jpg

What signs do you look for when searching for spring?



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