Feminist February

The role of women. It’s on my mind constantly and I think it’s amplified lately by living in the US as well as some personal life circumstances. I decided that I should just go ahead and dedicate a whole month of blogging to chatting about some of this stuff, because it obviously isn’t going away.

So, if feminism is your jam, stay tuned this month.

To kick things off…

It’s Round Up Time

Feminist Gif


There are some amazing feminist online magazines and websites out there — and that’s going to be a fun future post — but today I just wanted to share some posts about feminist issues written by bloggers who cover an array of topics, including motherhood, home, food, and family!

Real Talk & Everyday Friendly Feminism

Pickle Planet Moncton

Legally Mommy

Timeless Life

Feminist Fist

A Friendly Feminist Amuse Bouche from Yours Truly

Pussy Gif

AND! Click here to check out these Feminist Valentine Printables from last year.




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