Freelance Office Party (As Planned by the Office Manager Cat)

As the senior ranking pet member of the household, I took it upon myself (Jones, the Office Manager Cat) to organize this year’s holiday festivities for my fellow feline, Leroy, the slobbery mongrel, Rigby, and our female human.


We had a photo booth.


I served an array of delicacies…as well as some sort of treats  for the human.


There were party tricks!


And then we chilled in the break room until the human yelled “last call on tuna snacks!”


Leroy loves treats more than I love sleeps (and that’s a lot).

It was an adequate celebration of the Holidays for our work-at-home unit. And now I shall return to my tower on high to oversee the female human’s continued work in the New Year.


Interested in how other freelancers celebrated? Check out my blogging friends and their solo Christmas party posts here!



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