One Month Down: Baltimore Life

Well my friends, I’ve been living in Baltimore for around a month now. Obvi, I’ve still got plenty more to learn about being a Maryland resident full-time but, I must say, I’ve made a few discoveries in the short time I’ve lived here.

Here’s a highlight reel of some faves. If you come visit me, let me know which you’d like to see together!

First, I arrived here just in time for Canada Day! We headed to Clark Burger to see if their poutine lives up to the genuine article. (It does and it’s delicious.) We were in good company with a number of other Canadians indulging in the name of patriotism. So funny.

Of course, immediately following Canada Day is American Independence Day so I had to try my best to blend in with the crowd in red, white, and blue on the 4th of July. Luckily, the American Visionary Art Museum was hosting a dog/cat show with plenty of fur babies in costume. I was right at home.

I’m still looking for some good off-leash dog trails (hit me up with suggestions) but am having fun checking out some of the local options. Rigby thoroughly enjoyed romping through the river of the Gunpowder Trail.


One of my July highlights was having friends visit and heading to an Orioles game. It was so fun but what I’m REALLY looking forward to is seeing the Blue Jays when they come to town at the end of the summer.


Another highlight was the Artscape art festival. It was humongous! Art exhibits, installations and performances as far as the eye could see. Very cool.

I’m still discovering the little hidden gems that every city reserves for those to stumble across.


Although I’ve moved to new places already a number of times in my life, this is the first time I’m living in a whole new country. What sorts of things do you look for when you’re settling into a new place?



11 thoughts on “One Month Down: Baltimore Life

  1. I always look for the library, green spaces, and special places to wander and get lost.

    If you’re lucky, some nice stranger will share an amazing coffee shop or festival or local delicacy that you simply must try. I love that!

    I hope the next month is happy making.

    • I’ve met a few friendly strangers and a few not-so-friendly strangers too. There’s a local micro brewery a few block away that has a resident dog and cat so I’m hoping to get in with some of the regulars (humans) there! lol

      • Oh dear. Not-so-friendly strangers are not-so-good to meet. That’s a shame. I hope you find more of your kind of friendly people, soon. The library can really be a godsend, especially if it’s more of a learning commons kind of space.. with relaxed places to be.. cafés, etc. You can blog there and maybe find some common goaled bloggy peeps.

        I honestly wish I could pop down to visit you. That would be so fun!

      • You’re welcome ANY TIME! And I’ve definitely got to figure out the library situation STAT. I’ll need some work-arounds considering I don’t have the usual info (social security, license, etc.)

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