Violence Against Women this Week

This week, violence against women was at the forefront of every news article in my social media feeds. Not that it’s ever really gone….but instead of intermittent cat videos, my pages were just article upon article about misogyny, violence, discrimination.

I feel compelled to share with you a few of the posts that got my back up. I think it’s important for us to think critically about these situations. Maybe the more of us who notice the frequency and prominence with which these stories exist, the more of us will want to take action, spread awareness, and make a change.

I didn’t go looking for these articles. I didn’t Google “violence” or “patriarchy” or even anything about the American election. These stories are just a glimpse of what’s happening all around us. And it’s not okay.



As a bonus, just another jackass tried mansplaining how to bother women because that’s the kind of advice men really need.

You might notice that these aren’t Canadian news stories per se. This isn’t to say that Canada isn’t without it’s issues as well. We are just as in trouble when it comes to stopping violence against women. Not to mention, ALL of these particular articles are incredibly relevant to Canadian women, just as they are to the women geographically located near the events themselves.

I will say, though, just to end on a somewhat positive note, I’m grateful that our current leader recognizes that it’s not an even playing field for women yet. Not by a long shot.

Prime Minister Trudeau says poverty is sexist.

So, kudos, Prime Minister Trudeau. Thanks for acknowledging one of the issues. Let’s hope this leads to change.

UPDATE: Just as I was about to publish this post, another glowing example appeared on my Twitter feed right from my very own town: Halifax Guy Spits on Woman because Road Rage

It’s dark days, folks.


3 thoughts on “Violence Against Women this Week

  1. Seriously. What the hell have we ever done?!?

    Oh, wait. Now I remember.

    See how I can spell all these words and read… and be educated… and vote.. and oh yeah, that whole wanting to be recognized as a human being thing. 😡

    Grrr. This makes me so stabby and I am not a violent person.

    Regardless of subject matter, I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for this post. I think I’ll share it.

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