Get your Ducks in a Row at the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park

I honestly don’t know how I’ve lived in Nova Scotia for 5 years without having visited the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park. Lucky for me, my pal Chloe is one of the extraordinary park guides and was able to give me all the insights on what makes Shubenacadie so special

If you recall a while back I posted about why I’ll never, EVER, swim with dolphins and mentioned how opposed I am to forced captivity and animals for entertainment. Naturally, I had the same questions about Shubenacadie before attending but I was reassured to know that they do not take animals from the wild solely for public display.


The park assuaged my concerns about the adorable (and ferocious) creatures. We can enjoy them while they are in the park but, hopefully, they will be rehabilitated and released.

While they were all super fun to observe, my particular favourites were the wolves. I guess I’m just a dog person at heart. 🙂

Such a fun day! Have you ever been? What’s your favourite animal to see?


One thought on “Get your Ducks in a Row at the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park

  1. I seriously love this post and I am so happy because you have answered many of my questions.

    This is on the summer list for the Things. When would you suggest arriving? Time of day wise? How much time would you set aside for a first visit? Is it expensive to go? Are there gift shop trappings? 😀

    I have been back in NS for almost 4 years and we haven’t gone either! I know. I know. Don’t take away my Maritimes Mummy card!!

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