Unhelpful Recipe: Muffuletta by the Sea

When I was in New Orleans a few years ago, I ate my face off. It was glorious. One of my favourite tasty discoveries was the famous, delectable, belly-filling muffuletta.

Although I’ll never be able to replicate the original pride of Central Grocery in NOLA, I was seeking a perfect picnic for a sunny hike to Duncan’s Cove this weekend. I figured I would give it my best shot and cross my fingers. And folks, I was not disappointed (nor were my pals who devoured their slices in seconds)!

I present to you, Muffuletta: A sandwich love story told in pictures.


3 thoughts on “Unhelpful Recipe: Muffuletta by the Sea

  1. This post makes me so sad about all the gluten and how I cannot stuff my face with this exact sammich right now.

    I felt you should know.


      • To find a GF awesome Muffuletta loaf would be rare. I like the Essential Baking Co. Super Seeded one from Costco. The price is right! I haven’t tried any of the PC breads yet. Which one have you been enjoying? I just came back from SS. I didn’t even think to look. I was all about the veggies this morning.

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