Fun St. Patrick’s Day Gift (Free Printable)

I’ve written before about the fun “Secret Pal” game I play with my co-workers. Essentially it’s Secret Santa except it lasts for several months at a time.

I love having the chance to flex my creative muscles with silly little gifts every few weeks!

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up on the 17th, I thought a fun idea would be to give a simple treat with a funny twist:
Leprechaun Header

I decided to make a Leprechaun Catching Kit and “official” Letter of Mandate from the Canadian Ministry of Magic.

I typed up a silly letter and threw on the the Canada logo and Coat of Arms….because I’m apparently a ridiculous human being.

Leprechaun Letter

The “kit” is just a box of Lucky Charms. (See? I said it was simple!)

Leprechaun pic

Just wrap it all up and attach the letter for a random and creative St. Patrick’s Day gag.

Leprechaun pic2

I’m hoping that it will be funny if my Pal reads the letter first and then expects a full on leprechaun catching kit.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!


Print and sign your own leprechaun letter. Download the Leprechaun Letter here.


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