Sign Making Workshop

I was so, so fortunate to be included in a sign making workshop last weekend at Hue Design Studio in our beautiful Halifax Hydrostone neighbourhood.

Design expert, Michele, led us through the steps of creating an adorable, rustic wooden sign in her lovely little shop, which also happens to be a stockist for some quality design and decorating brands like Farrow and Ball and FAT Paint.

Michele provided all the paint, tools, and stencils, and walked us through the steps to creating our own masterpieces.

Even though it wasn’t one of the included stencils, I just had to get a little subversive on this craft so I combined the cutlery of a bistro stencil and a little feminist statement about my priorities (hint, pizza is at the very top).

I think it turned out great. Leroy approves.


Some of the other creations included a menu board, a queen bee, and a French-inspired shop sign. The other participants were just fabulous to share an afternoon with. Some I was meeting for the first time and the others I had met at BlogJam 2015, back in the fall.

I suggest giving each of their blogs a read too.

All in all it was a great time. I’ll definitely be visiting Hue again soon and I encourage you to take part in one of Michele’s future workshops!


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