Simple & Rustic Christmas Tree in a Frame

I have another $3 craft to share! It could even cost you less if you have all the items already on hand.

Jute Tree title

As an added bonus, the whole thing is made by looping, tying, and weaving so, aside from the sprinkles of jute particles, there’s no mess.

Jute Tree

Items needed:

  • old frame
  • role of jute twine
  • sparkly gold ribbon

Start by tying the jute into the bottom corner of the frame. Loop it up and over the top center of the frame.

Jute Tree2

Continue looping up and over, alternating directions as you create a triangle in the frame. There was no method to my madness. Sometimes I went under. Sometimes I went over. Variety is the spice of life.

Jute Tree3

Once you’re happy with the shape of your tree, gather your gold ribbon (or ribbon of your choosing) and tie one end directly unto the bottom corner of jute (not the frame).

Jute Tree4

Weave the ribbon across the tree a few strings of jute at a time. Continue this back and forth up the tree.

Jute Tree5

Once you reach the top of your tree, wind the remainder of your ribbon to gather the top  into a tighter point. Knot up the rest of the ribbon into a cute little star (blob, whatever) et voilà!

Jute Tree Final

Happy thrifty crafting!


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