Gorgeous Handmade Holiday Wreath for $3 or Less


Okay folks, this craft is going to blow your mind. It’s so easy and SO PRETTY. It’s also crazy inexpensive and there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll have all the items on hand already.



  • Roll the glue tape onto the hoop a few centimeters at a time


  • Gather your coffee filter around the end of a pencil or marker and gently press onto the glue tape



  • Place the filters close to one another on the hoop to make the wreath full and fluffy


  • When the gluing is finished, gently pull the filters open toward the centre


  • If you’re fine with a solid white wreath, this is a great place to stop!
  • Personally, I’m adding touches of gold to my holiday decorating
  • If you have any craft paint and sponges lying around, you can add this finishing touch for free. My paint is from the dollar store so it’s a minimal addition.


  • Using a sponge brush, lightly highlight the tips of the filters with your paint


  • Once the paint is dry, add a ribbon or string and hang where ever your home needs a holiday touch


Happy Handmade Holidays!


2 thoughts on “Gorgeous Handmade Holiday Wreath for $3 or Less

  1. Oh my word!! This is awesome. I didn’t even know glue tape was a thing!


    Are you worried the filters will begin to rain down over time? Or is everything sticking perfectly?

    I want to make one. So neat!

    • When I was in the “fluffing” stage, a few came loose and I just stuck them back on. I think that has to do with pre-taping too long of a strip before sticking the filters on. Otherwise, they are on there for the long haul! It’s delicate because it’s just paper but the filters are adhered quite firmly. Nothing would knock them off at this point.

      You should make one! The whole thing only took an hour, including drying time.

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