Low-Impact Holiday How-To

3 keys

I have a crazy goal this holiday season. I’m going to complete my gift list without setting foot in the mall. What do you think? A lofty aspiration?

It’s not that I don’t enjoy gift shopping. I actually enjoy it very much. What I hope to avoid, however, is the unnecessary accumulation of things. Of stuff. I’ve got more than enough stuff already. Most of us do. So rather than contribute to consumerism by mindlessly purchasing all the shiny, plastic, over-packaged junk that is pushed on us each year, I’m going an alternative route.

These 3 keys are not the only ways to stay mindful this season; certainly another favourite of mine is the “experiential” gift (a dinner, tickets to a show, etc.) but these suggestions are for the folks who need to have something to physically wrap, to send in the mail, or to stick under the tree.

3 keys1

There are a zillion amazing and simple ideas for handmade gifts. Even if you’re not crafty, you can go big or small with most DIY ideas.

3 keys2.jpg

We know my obsession with thrift stores – SO MUCH AMAZING STUFF – and I’m not the only one! True treasures can be found for the perfect person on your list.

There are other great ways to do a little recycling/upcycling too.

3 keys3

OmNomNom. Who doesn’t love receiving tasty treats as gifts? Keep the packaging light or reusable and you’ve got yourself an ideal gift.


Good luck to all of us attempting the no-mall, no fuss holidays this year!


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