Jammed: A Post-BlogJam Jumble #BlogJam2015

One week ago I was beside myself. I was wired with nervous energy and spending sleepless nights with my fingers crossed just hoping that BlogJam would all come together. I was lying in bed reviewing mental checklists: speaker cards, signs, badges, emails, volunteer names, registration list, lunch list, list list, list list list. It was anticipatory chaos.

The vibes that fueled my anxiety, thankfully, also kept me buzzing throughout the weekend; first tying up lose ends on Saturday and then carrying me through the event on Sunday. And, oh, my friends, what an event it was.

BlogJam-Colour-400x267You’ll have to forgive my absence from Halitrax over the last month, but, as you probably can tell, I was utterly consumed with the planning of BlogJam 2015. You might remember previous posts when BlogJam was still just a glimmer of an idea— just a twinkle in our eyes. Well, after almost a year of planning, that twinkle sparked into a full and enlightening day of, for, and all about blogging. It was, if you can excuse the lack of modesty, a complete f##king success.

Rather than spend time talking about the “what” and the “where” and all the standard event-planning logistics (which I encourage you to read here), I wanted to just write a note about what BlogJam meant to me. As I spent the week processing all that had conspired, I found myself having difficulty deciding what aspect I wanted to focus on once I finally came to blog about the event. Ultimately, though, I think I’d like to share more on my personal “why.”

If you’ve followed Halitrax for any length of time you’ll know that my primary reason for immersion in the weird and wonderful world of social media is to build community. (If you’d like to know more of my thoughts on community building, I suggest this post from last fall.) When I joined the BlogJam planning committee, it was with the hopes that I would continue to contribute, both to my own personal sense of community, but also to the thriving and ever-growing blogging community that already exists in our region.

Perhaps, in the most perceivable sense, the way in which BlogJam “contributed” was by helping to identify and showcase the key players in the blogging community. Much to my satisfaction, with a vision of inclusion, the “key players” were each and every individual with an interest in participating. Ultimately, this resulted in sheer enthusiasm and a willingness to share and engage, both prior to and during BlogJam itself, as well continuing indefinitely. Those who attended have embraced our invitation to share their post-Jam thoughts by linking their blog posts on our FB page or tagging @BlogJam on Twitter, or by using the #BlogJam2015 hastag. It’s been amazing to hear participant feedback through the unique voice and presentation of each contributor’s blog.

InstaJAMOn a very personal level, my own sense of immediate community has grown richer by working with the wonderful, skilled, and brilliant women who were also on the planning committee. Christine, Renée, and Kerra are incredibly supportive and empowering teammates and, more importantly, so much FUN.

Stay tuned for future posts (with the best of intentions) on how we worked to have BlogJam be inclusive and environmentally-responsible, and how it was even feminist (without people noticing!).

Please read what others had to say about BlogJam by following their shared posts here.

And if any of you missed it, mark your calendars for BlogJam 2016, coming at you next fall.


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