Take a Hike: Duncan’s Cove, Nova Scotia

Another sunny weekend, another opportunity for a hiking adventure!

If you’re as enchanted by coastal Nova Scotia as I am, then you definitely want to check out Duncan’s Cove. The terrain is rocky and uneven, the wind whips over the ocean and the waves echo against the rocks, and the whole experience feels salty and authentic.

Without a doubt, Duncan’s Cove is the quintessential coastal Nova Scotian hike.    photo 3 The entrance is hidden slightly but just hop this barrier to get access to the main trail.

photo 2The trail starts out fairly high above sea level. You can see the ocean in the distance as a promise of views to come.

photoI would classify this as a moderate to advanced hike due to the rocky, naturally uneven terrain. The first 30-60 minutes in are only moderately challenging but the trail increases in difficulty as you move along the shore. The benefit is that, if you’re feeling that the difficulty is beyond your capacity, you can decide whether or not to proceed knowing that the ups and downs only get steeper.

That being said, it’s an easy hike for pushing yourself because each peak presents a vista more beautiful than the one before it.

photo 5There are some INTENSE drop off points.

photo 1So many beautiful wildflowers appear in juxtaposition with the severe drops and sharp, angled rocks. I think these might be wild irises. photo 4I went on a hot day and made the mistake of leaving my water bottle behind. Don’t live like me! Remember to take into consideration the glare off the water, use sunscreen, and know that there’s no cell service in case of emergency so hike with care.

Happy hiking!


6 thoughts on “Take a Hike: Duncan’s Cove, Nova Scotia

  1. Holy! That’s gorgeous! You are a rock star! (See what I did there?)

    But … ummm…

    The rule follower in me (who I generally can quiet) is very curious about that whole “private property” sign…

    What gives?

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