Local Letterpress Love

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day in Halifax. My sister was visiting so we were able to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and have a lunch date downtown, followed by some impromptu shopping. inkwell_logoWe popped into Inkwell to check out some of their fantastic letterpress goods and *surprise!* they were celebrating their birthday! Sharing doughnuts and free letterpress prints for customers, we walked away with some sweet bonuses in addition to our purchases. inkwell_print inkwell_erinLocal win! YAY! Did you have any fun local adventures this weekend? Krista

4 thoughts on “Local Letterpress Love

  1. I love when that happens. Unfortunately I was super busy with planned activities all weekend but I think a random downtown exploring date with the hubby is in order soon 🙂

  2. I love wandering around downtown Halifax. It’s especially nice when a serendipitous birthday celebration is happening! How fun!

    There is a LEGO heart print at Inkwell that I have been coveting. I should really make a point of popping in soon.

    Last time I was there we got to use the snazzy scaffolding footbridge staircase. Remember when all the construction was *right* there? Fun!

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