Take a Hike: Cape Split, Nova Scotia

Hiking is one of my all-time favorite activities and, fortunately, Nova Scotia has a considerable and diverse selection of trails from which to choose.

With the sun shining and a whole day open, we decided to head up to the Annapolis Valley yesterday and take on Cape Split. I’m not sure if it was the weather or if the trail is gaining in popularity but it was PACKED. On previous visits we had only seen a handful of other people but yesterday was non-stop happy hikers. It was great.

So what adventures did you have this weekend?


7 thoughts on “Take a Hike: Cape Split, Nova Scotia

    • You totally should. It’s a great day trip to head up through Wolfville, do the hike, take in the views of the valley, stop for ice cream/wine/a local pint, whatever! πŸ™‚

  1. Beautiful! I have never been there, either! (I am your copycat, MommaSunshine!) Absolutely gorgeous weather, for sure. (Today’s not too shabby, either!)

    Your photos are excellent!

    Now I want to go! How long a hike is this hike? (Asking for motivation. Like, can I do it next weekend or should I work up to it?)

    Your blog makes me happy. πŸ™‚

    • It’s a great hike on a sunny day; there’s tree cover for almost all of it and the most rewarding view at the cape. I’d say it’s a moderate-level trail so maybe not for someone with mobility issues (there are a couple of steep uphills/downhills) but certainly doable for the average person. There were even a number of families with young children (I’d guess around 8 years old) who seemed to handle the trails no problem.

      The most important considerations are: 1) time – it’s about 1.5 hours in and another 1.5 back out. Keeping in mind any breaks on the trail or at the end (most people stop for pictures and snacks at the cape), I’d allow a good four hours from start to finish (though you could probably be closer to 3.5 if you’re walking at a moderate pace); 2) water – 3 hours is a long walk on a hot day and you wouldn’t want anyone to get dehydrated so far from your vehicle.

      I say go for it! The view is reward enough but heading back through Wolfville with all the ice cream stands and farmer’s markets, you’ll really feel like you’ve earned some treats afterwards!

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