The Body Journey

Ever wonder exactly how other women see themselves? The Body Journey is providing women worldwide the opportunity to explore their own answers to that very question.

The Tumblr page illustrates how we perceive our physical selves, how we believe others see us, and other related thoughts that are evoked when asked to examine what we look like.

Body Journey1

It’s a truly thought-provoking exercise, and one that can be done independently or with friends (like I did).

If you’re interested in participating, email and you’ll receive instructions, the body template, and a red pen to release all your thoughts onto paper.

Body Journey

Once you’ve finished, mail your body thoughts back to The Body Journey to be included in the project. (Return instructions included in the package.)

I’ve decided not to share my completed outline on here, for the sake of privacy. Maybe it’ll come up on the Tumblr page though!

And if you want to see what others have said, head over there and take a look at what’s posted. It’s an eye-opening experience!


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