Green Challenge with Oh So Nourished

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? I sure do. I think it’s my inner competitive side – even if the competition is just against myself. I know that these kinds of challenges float across blogs all the time, but when I saw that Oh So Nourished also attached a points system to the activities, well, that’s just the kind of appeal I can’t resist. (Do the points even mean anything? Who cares? I just want them!)

If you’re interested in hopping on board, you can do so here. It just started so there’s no need to worry about catching up.

The theme for Week 1 is FOOD.

I earned my first Green Point with a meatless meal of delicious couscous salad, loaded with fresh veggies. (Bonus that it was huge and lasted for several lunches as well.)

couscous saladThe other activities for this week of the challenge are to grow your own food and make a meal plan. I’ve started on the meal plan but my complete lack of a green thumb means I likely won’t get that one done. We’ll see.

If you decide to participate, take a picture and share it with the Oh So Nourished FacebookInstagram or Twitter @ohsonourished with the tags #greenpoints #ohsonourished

And may the odds be ever in your favour.


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