How About a Bloggers’ Conference?

Remember a while back I told you about an awesome group of local bloggers?

hfx bloggers FBWell, amidst our conversations about templates and audiences and post sharing, there was also some buzz regarding an opportunity to hold an event for all bloggers in our area. Specifically, we’re talking about a blog conference.

Frankly, I’m thrilled about the idea. I love attending local social media events like Podcamp HFX and I’m embracing the chance to help contribute to something similar – but more geared towards blogging and bloggers specifically.

Although we’re still in the early planning stages of the event, organizers are thinking that it would be great to host the conference this fall (2015). However, one of the first steps to figuring out these details involves determining the “who” and “what” of this event; that’s where you readers come in!

If you are at all interested in participating in a bloggers event in Halifax, please take a minute to complete this super quick survey. The survey will help us determine our needs in terms of scope and location.

Not located in Halifax? That’s totally cool. We’re hoping the event will be able to accommodate folks from throughout the region! Please feel free to include your location in the survey.

Questions? Just leave me a comment or shoot me a tweet @echoesofmymind on Twitter.

Click here to access the survey. Thanks!


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