Colour Therapy

This is a picture from yesterday, March 29th, 2015.

snowyspringYes, that’s correct. This is what spring has been like in Halifax this year.


Yeah, yeah. I love winter. I love snow. Blah Blah Blah.

In case you can’t tell, the lack of warmth and sunshine and green has got me feeling pretty damn cranky. I mean, it’s spring, right? Officially, as of March 20th.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and reintroduce the joys of colour back into my days with a rediscovery of colouring!

printed from Doodle Art Alley
printed from Doodle Art Alley

The benefits of this practice were twofold: first, I was appreciating the relaxation that came with immersing myself in a creative task; second, I was reveling in the saturation of colour on my page. ALL THE COLOURS.

It was a simple matter of Googling some free adult-level colouring pages, printing a stack, and gathering all the markers, pencil crayons, and crayons I could handle. I found plenty of places to print the colouring pages but a couple of my favourites are Doodle Art Alley and Patterns for Colouring.

printed from patterns for colouring
printed from Patterns for Colouring

So if you’re feeling as frustrated as I am with this lack of springtime sun, do yourself a favour and take those colours into your own hands. You won’t regret it.


13 thoughts on “Colour Therapy

  1. I’ve been a lot of time colouring this winter as well. It is a fun activity I can enjoy with the boys 🙂 I’ve mainly been working on mandalas but thanks to this timely post I have some new sources for pages to print 🙂

    • If you like mandalas, you’ll probably love the Patterns for Colouring pages. They’ve got the same repetitive vibe and intricacies as mandalas.

  2. There are drifted banks and just plain snowy areas that are taller than my tall Thing 2. Is it any wonder we are cranky?!?

    Saturday pushed me over the edge.

    Everyone’s colouring! There are so many great sources to find pages. Mandalas are fun – especially if you enjoy the evenness! 😉

  3. amen! Over it. Normally newfoundland gets it bad but this year my family in HALI has been buried a bit deeper! I’m not saying the NL snowballs are small lol but it seems NS had a rather harsh last few weeks. Hope they dig you guys out soon!
    I loooove colouring with my son, I find it to be so relaxing 🙂 love it

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