Unhelpful Recipes: Beef Stroganoff

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an unhelpful recipe for you folks so I decided to share with you the delicious beef stroganoff  that I made last weekend.

It began with a trip to my friendly neighbourhood butcher at Highland Drive Storehouse. Seriously, these folks are beyond helpful. Emphasizing that I wasn’t going to be following a particular recipe per se, I shared what I was hoping to make and they presented me with the options available. Seeing a blank look on my face, one butcher took the time to point out to me on a large cow chart the various places each cut of beef would come from and how they might taste for the dish, including cooking time and price. Eventually, we settled on bavette.

If you haven’t attempted stroganoff before, don’t be intimidated: it’s really as simple as browning the ingredients, adding in some mustard and beef stock and stuff, and letting it simmer for a while. I’m lactose intolerant so I finish the dish by stirring in lactose free sour cream but you can use regular as well. Serve it on a bed of egg noodles and you’re golden.

When we score some venison from our CSA, it’s an easy and delicious replacement for beef.

 Click each image for my super unhelpful recipe notes.

The final, delicious product.

Buon Appetito!

P.S. I fully realize that I’m not exactly aces at food photography. Imagine these images edited to enhance the deep and rich colours that are most assuredly reflected in the flavours of the dish.


5 thoughts on “Unhelpful Recipes: Beef Stroganoff

  1. Things I love about this post:
    1. The name (“Unhelpful Recipes” is brilliant!)
    2. How you giggled with delight at the stamp…. I would have, too!!
    3. The idea for dinner! I haven’t made this before but I will give it a try.


    • Lol I think there must be plenty of people who cook like me: only vaguely following recipes and adverse to being told what to do. It’s really an easy meal to make – you could whip it up no problem!
      Also, how adorable is that stamp? They have different animal shapes depending on what you buy. That would be my favorite part of the job.

  2. I love this! Who needs a boring ol’ helpful recipe when there’s so much more fun with an element of surprise using an unhelpful recipe?!?

    The little cow stamp is great! I would have enjoyed that, too. In fact I did, here, vicariously through you. 😀

    I wonder if I could use GF flour to thicken … hrrmm … I’ll try it and see! I mean, I would flat out ask you, but then you’d be all nice and answer and we’d have completely crossed the fine line from unhelpful to helpful.

    Great post!

    • At the risk of being helpful, it works with any flour that you would use for gravy. I like Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Gluten Free flour because it works well without affecting the flavour. Do you know a brand that makes gluten free egg noodles? I like using corn pasta usually but haven’t found a good egg noodle replacement yet.

      • Thank you!

        I will try it and let you know. I wish I could get Bob’s in bulk at a good price.

        I have yet to find an egg noodle. If I do find one I’ll let you know!

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