Winter Warm-Up Tips

It’s my favourite time of year! I love winter! I love snow! I love hot chocolate and snowdays and shovelling and mittens and snowmen and skiing and blankets and everything about winter. I wish I could marry winter and just be Mrs. Suzie Snowflake all year long.

When the temperature starts to drop a few degrees, it’s easy to stay warm and compensate without touching that thermostat using these quick Winter Warm-Up Tips.

Winter Warm Up Tips1. Wear your hat.

While scientists may have debunked the myth that most of our body heat is lost through our heads, keeping your cap covered is still a great way to keep away the wind and cold – not to mention, protect your ears from frostbite. Plus, hats are so hot right now.


2. Discover the wonders of wool socks.Β 

Someone introduced me to smartwool socks a few winters ago and my toes have never been happier.Β  There’s nothing better than slipping into a thick, cushiony pair of wool socks. They’ll insulate inside your boots and keep you toasty all day.


3. Love the layers.

While it’s not every day that I need to wear longjohns, there’s something so comforting about that tight, waffle-knit fabric that I just adore. Tights under snow pants is a tried-and-true trick, as is just wearing an undershirt or camisole. If you’re getting really ambitious, you could even get a onesie with a butt-flap.

long johns

4. Embrace sweater season.

I can’t help but be judgmental in the winter when I go places that have their heaters cranked to allow for temperate t-shirt wearing.Β  The amount of energy it takes to keep a home warm is far greater than the effort it would take to just wear a sweater.


5. Drink up!

If you’ve been reading Halitrax for any period of time, you’ll know how much I love coffee and tea. As far as I’m concerned, winter is just one more great excuse for filling up a mug with the good stuff and warming your body from the inside out. coffee post

What else are you doing to stay warm?

Interested in other environmental issues? View this post and many others at where I post as Mindful Echo.


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