Eating Locally in 2015

I’ve mentioned previously that my fridge and pantry are filled primarily with eggs, meat, and produce that I receive as part of several subscriptions to a local farm’s Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program. I’m so fortunate to live in a region with access to this kind of program and so much delicious local food!

While the CSA great way for my family to depend on staples, it doesn’t cover all the ingredients necessary for regular complete meals. When I need dairy, dried goods, grains, etc. (and by etc. I mean treats), I head over to my closest chain grocery store.

It’s easy to justify supporting the big guys now and again, particularly when they’re so close and accessible. Even still, in my ideal world I’d be heading somewhere locally to get those additional goods; and even better, those additional goods would be locally-sourced by the retailers.

Leroy manages my accounts.

My partner, who loves to eat as much as he loves to support local business, thought up the perfect Christmas gift for me this year. In a small envelope, I received from him a lifetime membership to a new Halifax community grocer, The Carrot. According the The Carrot website, my $25 card comes with the following benefits:

  • Member only weekly sale items
  • Reduced fees for co-op sponsored classes/workshops
  • Potential to share in any surplus funds (as dividends) or to reinvest in growing the Co-op, as recommended by Board of Directors and approved by members at the Annual General Meeting and special meetings of members
  • One vote per membership at our Annual General Meeting
  • Participate in weekly 50/50 draws
  • Eligible for nomination/election to the Board of Directors and to join Board committees as opportunities arise

I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the membership by shopping there regularly to top up my grocery list. Stay tuned for posts on how it’s working out!

Interested in other environmental issues? View this post and many others at where I post as Mindful Echo.


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