My Minimalist, Eco-Conscious Alterna-Tree

Although I ADORE decorating my home for the holidays, I won’t be here for Christmas proper this year so I decided that I didn’t need to be super traditional with the way I did up my place.

I asked a coworker with a wood-working partner to toss me a few slices from their woodpile. Instead of going full on TREE, I went with just the slices.


I hammered small finishing nails into the bark and hung some tiny ornaments all along the slice. Personally, I think the effect is super adorbs.

The whole “scene” is still a work-in-progress but, with the addition of my tiny tree, candy canes, twinkle lights, etc., I think it’ll make for a nice, minimal nod to the holidays.


How are you decorating this year?


16 thoughts on “My Minimalist, Eco-Conscious Alterna-Tree

  1. That’s a great idea!

    Last year we didn’t put up a tree because we had a new-ish kitten in the house and knew it would be a nightmare to even try. Oddly enough, we didn’t miss it one bit. We still decorated the house (even putting up lights inside) and it all still felt very Christmas-y.

    This year, although our cat isn’t officially a kitten anymore, he’s still kind of a jerk, so we’re going to skip the tree again this year, for our own sanity, basically. We’ll likely go with the same plan, keeping it holiday-eque, but relatively minimalistic. The great part about this is that it makes for much easier clean up when all is said and done! πŸ™‚

    • Ah, good call with the cat factor. Mine haven’t been around any trees of significant girth before either, though they have had plenty of fun knocking over the mini one that was up in years past.

      I love decorations but it’s so easy to overwhelm a small space like mine with clutter. I think it’s easy to get the holiday “point” across with a less-is-more approach. And yeah, the clean up factor can not be overstated.

  2. Hi krista. As a moslem, I didn’t decorate home with christmast tree. But last year, my christian friend decorate a unique tree. He put bamboo slices vertically, so it looks like an indian tent. And then ornament it with fake leaves circularly from top to bottom, that it looks like a pine tree. Sorry, if my explanation confuse you. But I think you can imagine it. πŸ™‚

    • Oh, I love that idea! I can definitely picture it. Your friend wins extra points for using a renewable resource like bamboo too. I also think it’s great when people use their imaginations to create something outside-the-box like that, whether it’s for a holiday or otherwise. There’s just something so satisfying about Do-It-Yourselfing. πŸ™‚

  3. I love it!! That is the beauty, btw, of not having kids. I tried to pull something like that this year and my boys would have none of it. I guess I will have to wait a few more years before I get to have an alterna-tree myself.

  4. So cute! Due to a busy couple of weekends we have only managed to get the high (ladder required) lights up outside. I love Christmas and have bought a few more additions to our outside display this year. Indoors I don’t put as much up in the past few years as I have in the past due to new pets (two Christmases ago our cats were kittens, last year the dog was a puppy) each year.

  5. Cute idea! I love this! We are planning to do something similar using wood that’s already been cut down and used for another purpose ❀

    Stephanie @ mommyzoid

  6. This is absolutely adorable, actually!

    Does it smell like a Christmas tree?

    I am not allowed a real tree in my space, but I so miss the aroma…

    You’ve got my wheels spinning, now. πŸ™‚

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