Halloween? Alriiiiiight!

Any Bob’s Burgers fans? I think it might be my favourite show – so many puns!

Obvi, I had to go out for Halloween this year as the fabulous Linda Belcher. Fortunately, it was easy to persuade my partner to join me as her curmudgeonly hubby, Bob.

belcher-parentsphoto 3

You might notice that I’m not just “regular” Linda, but that I’ve added a little extra accoutrement in the chest area. THAT’S RIGHT! I’m Linda from the “spice rack” episode!

tumblr_mjjwf9hitL1qf2jlyo3_500photo 1



4 thoughts on “Halloween? Alriiiiiight!

      • I like Halloween! It’s so much fun getting the Things ready. They are pretty creative and piecing together costumes is a great outlet.

        I had a hilarious (to me) costume idea this year, but I didn’t do it. Maybe next year! 😀

        Happy November! Who saw that coming?!?

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