An Anti-Fracking WIN for Nova Scotians

Last August (2013), the government of Nova Scotia addressed the many concerns of its citizens and officially commissioned an independent review of the socio-economic impacts of hydraulic fracturing (fracking). On August 28, 2014, the government released the review and on September 3, 2014, provided their response.

If you’re interested in pouring yourself a cup of fair-trade coffee and settling in to read the report, you can do so here. (Be warned though, it’s nearly 400 pages.) If you’d rather just know the highlights, it is my pleasure to inform you that the NS government will be introducing legislation to prohibit high volume fracking for onshore shale gas. You can read the news release here.


I cannot express the relief that myself and many others are feeling at this moment. At a time when reports are coming in nationwide about the damage fracking is causing to our communities, I feel so reassured to know that my own backyard is safe from this threat…at least for the time being. (Check out my previous posts on the dangers of fracking. And this one.)

Interviews with some of the legislators involved have also demonstrated that the government is willing to revisit the proposal of fracking once more development has been made to the process so that it can be done in a way that’s less harmful to the environment. I’ll take it. That’s as good of a compromise as I can hope for!

At the same time, anti-fracking spokespeople recognize that this is a huge issue, and one that still has many missing pieces. Fortunately, we have organizations such as the NS Ecology Action Centre, who agree that the report is encouraging and the need for more research is crucial. It’s important to keep in mind that even environmental activists recognize that there are so many factors that contribute to these important decisions, including the cultural and socio-economic impact that major projects have on our community.

Now, before anyone goes clapping us on the back for being such environmentally-conscious Canadians, know that there are certainly those in opposition (ie Pro-Fracking in NS). Click here to view a “news” story on why some people think that the financial “benefits” should outweigh the inevitable environmental destruction that comes with current fracking techniques.


 I’d love to know if this video gets your blood boiling as much as mine! At least for now though, I’m going to focus on the positive and know that haters gonna hate. SUCK MY OVARIES, EZRA LEVANT. Anti-Fracking WIN!









Interested in other environmental issues? View this post and many others at where I post as Mindful Echo!

3 thoughts on “An Anti-Fracking WIN for Nova Scotians

  1. I may or may not have let out a very loud , “WOOHOO!!” when this news broke. 😀

    I hope they just leave it alone.

    I can’t even with the people who areal “OH BUT THE JOBS!”. I can’t even.

    How high do our rates of cancer, etc. have to get before people make the connection that we are not *in* the environment, we are – indeed – part of it.

      • I think that certain politicians do make it a point to frighten people into thinking that turning down developments (even horrible for the planet, your family, your children, AND you ones) is somehow the cause of unemployment rates in our region of the world.

        We have all relied on one or two industries for far too long and then people are left with some weird kind of guilt or shame (both utterly useless emotions!!) that they deserve less or are worth less because of their geography.

        It is a sick cycle and it needs to end.

        I really hope this is a trend setting advancement and that other provinces follow suit.

        We deserve better.

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