Helping in Halifax

Hey Halifax folks, today CBC news posted this story indicating that Shelter NS is in need of deodorant and sunscreen. It was a wake up call for me. Most of us can easily forget that basic hygiene is a luxury that is beyond the reach of some of the less-fortunate in our community.

As you might remember, I love finding ways to help out that are not overly cost-prohibitive. When I read the CBC article, I knew that I could afford to fit a few containers of deodorant into my budget so I headed out on my lunch break and picked some up.


As the Shelter NS website suggests to, I emailed to arrange the drop off and immediately received a quick, friendly reply indicating that items can be dropped off at 5506 Cunard St. (corner of Gottingen) between 9:30 and 4:30 every day. If those times don’t work, ringing the buzzer will bring a staff member to the door to collect your donation.

It’s August and we’re hot. Imagine not having protection from the sun (or the inevitable smells of sweat). If you can afford making a donation of some of the needed items to Shelter NS, please do so.

Interested in reading more ideas for Helping in Halifax?


6 thoughts on “Helping in Halifax

    • It’s strange. I always think that shelters need food but forget that hygiene items can be just as important! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m sure the clients of ShelterNS appreciate it!

      • Some basics are so basic we just completely forget the cost associated with them.

        Imagine the car/gas situation for a second… If the price soars, very few people are going to call their places of work and say, “Nope. Sorry, I’ll be staying home this week.”

        It’s very sad to think of people going without toothpaste/floss/soap/deodorant – not by choice.

        Thanks for drawing attention to this.

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