Finding Figgjo

At the risk of revealing my inner yuppie, I love antiquing. I like to think it’s connected to my love of history. I like holding an object and thinking about its past; knowing that it may (or sometimes may not) have a story that’s richer than the typical China-Warehouse-Discount Store-Me.

Screen shot 2014-07-27 at 10.25.52 AM

Since I live in a fairly small space, with no attic/basement/storage space, I have to be careful about my purchases. I can’t allow any collections that don’t serve a function beyond aesthetics (with the exception of wall art, obvi). My favourite items to keep my eyes peeled for are vintage kitchen linens (tablecloths, tea towels), pink depression glass (mostly serving dishes), and the occasional piece of ceramic kitchenware. I’m sure there are many collectors clutching their pearls knowing that I put my pieces to good use but, at this point in my life, function and form really have to go hand-in-hand.

My most recent adorable acquisition is a Figgjo coffeepot. It’s a turi-design: Daisy. And I love it.


When I scooped it up at a local thrift store, I knew right away that it was a real score. Paired with a coupon, I brought this bad boy home for less than $5. Jelly?

Seems legit, eh?
Seems legit, eh?

I did a bit of (light) Googling and found that the Daisy pattern seems to be rare compared to some of their other patterns, (like Lotte), but I wasn’t able to get specific dates of production. Most of my findings were collectors and sellers with ballpark dates, though none of them provided any references for their info, unfortunately. If any of you are experts, please do share. I’d love to know more about this find!



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