A Peek at my Podcast Playlist or That Time I Got to See Doug Loves Movies

I’m a big comedy fan. Growing up, I made the transition from Sesame Street to Monty Python and never looked back. (As a side note, I would argue that Sesame Street is an incredibly funny show with some great comedic inserts amongst the letters and numbers of the day. At least from what I can remember, the show was filled with parodies and pop culture jokes. Who knows? Maybe it subconsciously set me up for a lifelong addiction to laughter. I mean, Captain Vegetable? Grover’s singing and dancing telegram? Squeal of Fortune? Come on.)

Nowadays I’m mildly obsessed with podcasts. I love to listen to them while I’m driving, walking Rigby, and on quiet days at work. Lately, I’ve been really into podcasts hosted by comedians or with a comedic slant, as well as those with traditional comedy styles. There’s something very refreshing about hearing a genuinely hilarious person talk earnestly on a topic or even apply a bit of light humour to otherwise serious situations.

My Top Ten Favourite Podcasts of the moment, in no particular order, are:

Podcast: Doug Loves Movies
One awesome episode: 24 April 2014 with Pete Holmes, Beck Bennett and “Werner Herzog”

Podcast: Professor Blastoff
One awesome episode: 20, Sexual Attraction with Sarah Silverman

Podcast: You Made it Weird
One awesome episode: 159, Live from Bloomington, Indiana

Podcast: Totally Married (Also Totally Laime and Totally Mommy)
One awesome episode: 36, Dinosaurs and Robots

Podcast: Vinyl Cafe
One awesome episode: (Possibly the most famous story of all) Dave Cooks the Turkey

Podcast: How Did This Get Made
One awesome episode: 22, Leprechaun in the Hood with Kumail Nanjiani

Podcast: The Nerdist
One awesome episode: 381, Tig Notaro

Podcast: We Know Nothing
One awesome episode: It’s a new podcast so I suggest starting with Episode 1 and catching up!

Podcast: Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia
One awesome episode: 17 with Emily Gordon

Podcast: You Had to Be There.
Caveat: Sara Schaefer and Nikki Glaser no longer post regularly but some of their previous episodes are truly funny; case in point: Episode 43 with Jamie Lee and Chaz Kangas.


Doug Benson, Ken Reid, Matt Mira, and Rory Scovel
Doug Benson, Ken Reid, Matt Mira, and Rory Scovel

When I was in Boston earlier this month I got to cross one of my comedy life goals off the checklist: I scored tickets to Doug Loves Movies at the Brighton Music Hall. As I anticipated, it was ahmahzing! I showed up several hours before the doors opened and we were the third couple in line. I sat aisle-side, second row, trying to maximize my chances of being chosen when the comedians went to pick their name tags. I wasn’t. 😦 It was still awesome but I can’t help but wonder what about my fabulous name tag they didn’t like. Too much Canada?

DLM nametag
Kids in the Hall reference and some candy available only in Canada


So, what’s making you laugh these days?

12 thoughts on “A Peek at my Podcast Playlist or That Time I Got to See Doug Loves Movies

  1. I used to be all about the health and fitness podcasts: still like Jillian Michaels and The Fitcast but have been more about the personal development ones lately: The good life project, eventual millionaire and this is your life are my faves

    • ohh Thanks! Also, I’ll bet you would like Totally Married and Totally Mommy. It seems like you’re close to the same life stage as the hosts. Both shows are genuine and sweet.

    • Wow! Thanks for commenting! *releasing inner fan girl* I’m definitely planning on checking out your podcast. I’m not ashamed to admit that I probably watch way more TV than is socially acceptable. I’m loading up a bunch of episodes for a road trip this weekend. I’m psyched that you start with Myq Kaplan on ep 1.

      You were fab on DLM, BTW. I guess having you comment on my blog cancels out the fact that you didn’t pick my awesome nametag. (Just kidding. I’ll never forgive any of you.)

  2. Awesome!! I love your taste in general, and I’m getting into podcasts more these days myself. The ones I subscribe to are “Elise Gets Crafty,” “The Lively Show” and “The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast”. Now I’m gonna subscribe to “Doug Loves Movies” and “Totally Married”!! Thanks hon!!

    • I listened to the first two “Elise Gets Crafty” today and loved them! I really like how she talks about the behind-the-scenes of being a small business owner, and one who’s creative at that. Also, I think you might dig Professor Blastoff. It’s a great mix of real information and comedy.

      • Ooh I’ll check that one out!! I’m really loving the three Totally Laime podcasts (Laime, Married and Mommy), like, an awkward amount. I didn’t really dig Doug Loves Movies, mainly because I don’t watch a lot of movies and didn’t get like, ANY of his references. Oh well!

  3. So I don’t actually listen to many podcasts but I keep meaning to and now I have a great list to start with for my next drive to Cape Breton so thanks! However, the one comedic podcast that does comes to mind is from This American Life (which I love!) and it’s about Doppelgangers. Fred Armisan co-hosts as Ira Glass’ Doppelganger. Hilarious.

    • I ADORE This American Life. For reals. There have been some episodes though, that have had me completely break down in tears (at work, I might add… specifically the live show with Dan Savage from a couple of years ago. Yikes.) but I don’t think I’ve heard the Doppelgangers episode. I’ll definitely check it out.

  4. […] I love to laugh! Ha Ha Ha Ha (bonus points if you get the reference) and it’s been a while since I’ve thrown out some great Bechdel-passing recommendations. So, I thought it was time for a round up of some of the funniest women making me laugh these days. […]

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