On Organization

Well folks, I’m heading out of this one-horse town. Just kidding. You know I love it here. But, I am going off to a conference in Boston tomorrow. Yay!

Whenever I leave work for more than a few days, I try to clean off my computer desktop and physical desktop as much as possible so that I don’t feel too overwhelmed when I return. Unfortunately for me, despite the best of intentions, this usually only happens a couple of times a year. When it does, though, I often stumble across WAY too much evidence that I’m a ridiculously terrible note-taker. I mean, I guess I’m good enough for my own purposes, but if anyone else had to sort through my chaos, they would be none too pleased.

Today I thought I’d share some of my favourites from this round o’ cleaning to demonstrate how random my mind is sometimes:

you may come in expecting waffles…

Uh, what waffles? Where are the waffles? Why could I have possibly been talking about waffles?

5pm is end of day

Not for me. I work 8-4.

swinger from tree with mobility issue

I think this is from an inclusivity workshop I attended. It makes me think of Birches by Robert Frost. Geeze, I love Frost. Everyone needs to read more Frost. Let’s all go do that now.

 April 15 is ready group

I checked my calendar and, although I don’t know what “ready group” is, no it wasn’t.

Faculty not to make contact

This could have said “contract” and not “contact.” I’m not sure but, either way, I hope they didn’t when they weren’t supposed to.


Apparently some days are all about fun with stamps.
And apparently some days are all about fun with stamps.

It’s all good though. There’s method to my madness. 🙂


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