A Quick Tip for Going Green

As you already know, I’m a big fan of coffee. Since it’s something I consume to excess, I do try to be aware of limiting my impact by buying locally roasted, organic, and fair trade beans. My other secret green coffee weapon is, very simply, to employ a reusable filter.

I use a gold filter that was a hand-me-down from my parents (lowering my impact even more!), but if you’re in the market for one, they cost around $15. If you’re worried about time, I would estimate that dumping my grounds in the compost and giving the filter a quick rinse takes pretty close to the same amount of time it would to compost a disposable and then pull a new one from the box.

Looking for another opinion? I found this relevant, albeit somewhat dated, conversation on Apartment Therapy.

Give it some thought over your next cup.


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5 thoughts on “A Quick Tip for Going Green

    • Oh that’s awesome that you have one! I get the ease of disposable k-cups but I’ve also seen the viral online reports about the amount of waste the little cups are producing. Good on you.

  1. We had one many moons ago in our Krups coffee maker. It came *with* it – believe it or not. I loved the lack of waste!

    I know there are better paper filters (bamboo, unbleached, etc.), but the waste is still waste. Hrrmm. Time to rethink our plans.

    The French Press is a GREAT choice for zero waste. We do use one of those (sometimes).

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