Recycled and Reused Renovations

I love my flat. It’s in a great neighbourhood and it’s the perfect size for my tiny, furry family. One of my few complaints, however, is that the former homeowner took a few too many shortcuts with her home upkeep. Mostly the issues aren’t apparent to the naked eye, for which I’m grateful. However, whenever I do take a closer look at the man behind the curtain, I’m often met with the disappointing fact that the materials used were cheap or just wrong, or that the labour was done improperly, or sometimes it’s just that the place/item was poorly cared for.

Thus, over the past two years, I’ve been slowly making upgrades to the space. I do what I can personally with painting, decor, and basic electrical, but always, ALWAYS turn to a professional for the big, important stuff. One of the challenges that I’ve been facing is that I want the updates to my home to be location-appropriate as much as modern, and perhaps even more so.  While not historic itself per se, my building is fairly old and is part of a historic Halifax neighbourhood. (Any guesses which one?)

photo 1(2)

The good news is that being location-appropriate actually ties in super well to my other challenge, which is to make upgrades in as many environmentally gentle ways as possible. My favourite solution to both of these issues is to source used, vintage, and recycled materials as much as possible. This weekend I checked out an awesome local option for this type of endeavour: the architectural salvage store, Renovators Resource. They were a veritable goldmine of rescued materials and I left the store filled with ideas for upcoming projects.

photo 3(2)

photo 2(3)

photo 5(2)

Other great options for rescuing salvaged materials for your renovations might include neighbourhood thrift stores, Habitat for Humanity stores, and – with summer coming – the weekend yard sales are always a good place for treasure hunting.

Any other great places for renovation gems?


6 thoughts on “Recycled and Reused Renovations

  1. This is a great post! I will have to check that place out next time I’m in the North End 🙂 I also love Kijiji for renovations. We just bought a bunch of different fence portions to finish our fence for the dog. I will post about our “Franken-fence” once it is done (a.k.a. when my Dad gets back from vacation) 🙂

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