Another #OpenCityHFX, Another Day of Food & Fun

Saturday was Open City in Halifax. It was my third year participating and once again, the offerings of local merchants did not disappoint.

With so many fabulous options, it can be tricky to choose. I had to be strategic with my planning.

Opting to stick in the North End, I decided to take advantage of the fantastic deals from Java Blend, Nurtured, Ace Burger at Gus’ Pub, and Hamachi. As an added bonus, I also stumbled across a sweet pop-up shop on the corner of Agricola and North. They had some great handmade items on display.

photo 2(2) photo 1(1) photo 5(1) photo 4(1) photo 3(1) photo 2(1)



















So what did you folks get up to?


5 thoughts on “Another #OpenCityHFX, Another Day of Food & Fun

  1. My day was very different than yours! That’s what’s so great about Open City Halifax – you can customize your experience and still take in a lot of cool opportunities to show your local love!

    I also went out with *my* NS BFF! πŸ˜€ We started in the Hydrostone and made our way down to the waterfront. Man alive! Was it ever windy!

    I wonder if the weather kept some people at bay? I felt that City Harvest was busier last Fall. The weather was perfect on that day.

  2. The only thing I got to check out was Java Blend – but I went twice. $2 mochas was a great start and end to the day. I have been wanting to check out Sugar Soul. Wish I had known about the pop-up.

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