A Peek in my Pantry: Going Glass

I’m trying to eliminate plastic from my life (like I know many of you also are!). I was inspired by a Mama Haze post a while back, in which she showed a picture of her kitchen goodies contained nicely in glass jars. I’d love to do the same.

It would be great to limit the packaging I’ve currently got taking up my precious shelf space. Eventually, I’d like to be able to make purchases in bulk and do away with the excess cardboard, plastic, and styrofoam accumulation altogether. In the meantime, I’ve been filling up my jars as much as possible but I’ve got a small hitch: I don’t have enough big jars! I’ve seen many a well-organized pantry with lovely, uniform Mason jars and I have to wonder, did all their goods nicely fit into those medium-sized jars? It’s annoying and I don’t have space for extra large jars in my tiny galley kitchen.

So what do you folks do? Leave your Going Glass advice in the comments!


10 thoughts on “A Peek in my Pantry: Going Glass

  1. I try and save glass Mason jars from store bought sauces, etc., but there’s not many times I buy that. Great name brand jars, tho’!

    I have a few jars on my counter, at the ready. Chia, basmati and quinoa. I have bulk baking soda in a repurposed mason jar on a shelf.

    I’d love to have one of those enormous pickle jars (or pickled egg *shudders* jars) for flour or some of the bulkier items. Then the problem becomes counter real estate!

    I am now completely intrigued by your “Dilly Beans”! 😀 Do tell!

    • Gold Island Bakery (http://goldisland.ca/products/) sold a winter pantry pack last fall. It was so great! $140 for a case filled with canned tomatoes, sauces, peaches, pickles, jams, and beans. I gave a bunch as gifts at Christmas and have been serving up the rest ever since. The dilly beans are SO GOOD. Sour and salty and dilly. Just delicious.

  2. I have some lovely vintage canning jars from the 50s and 60s that my mother used when she used to can all of her own stuff. I conned them out of her about 5 or 6 years ago and I love them….though I haven’t put all of them to good use yet. You’ve inspired me to get back to that. Not only are glass jars practical they look lovely both in and on the cupboard.

    • Oh, jealous! I love the authenticity of the vintage jars. Definitely take advantage of those! Maybe I should keep my eyes peeled at yard sales this summer…

  3. I’ve slowly started the switch to all glass in the kitchen (I have a LOT of glass water bottles collecting) and I love it. I can’t afford to go out and get all the same sized containers though so I’ve just used jars/containters I have around and I same all of my pasta sauce, salsa and pickling jars to reuse 🙂 A little bit of goo be gone and they are ready to look pretty. You could even use chalkboard paint on the lids if you you weren’t lazy like me! lol

    • Oh goo be gone! That’s a great idea. I was thinking about making labels just to cover the glue that’s left over from old labels but then I’d have less flexibility/more work if I wanted to swap out the contents. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the shoutout ! We save jars from pasta sauce etc. and just use those. Sometimes it works out great other times we compromise and have a little bit left on a bag that we use first. Labels are fun and practical if you use that quantity of items all the time but become a burden if you need to switch it up. Good luck on your glass journey! That’s so exciting!

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